Prepping your items for Consignment

Supplies you will need:

  • 8.5″ x 11″ White Cardstock paper to print tags (preferred to plain print paper because it wont rip as easily)
  • safety pins (to attach tags to clothes, and clothes to hangers)
  • Scissors
  • plastic zip ties (great for attaching shoes together)
  • clothes hangers
  • clear packing tape (to attach tags to bags containing books, toys, etc) **Scotch tape will not work well**
  • ziploc bags (sandwich size, gallon size, 1.5-2 gallon size) These are perfect for toys, books, accessories, etc.
  • Computer with internet access and printer. (please don’t use Firefox as your browser because there is a problem with Firefox causing tag issues when they are scanned).

How to enter your items for the sale:

This is a video tutorial I made to show you step by step how to enter in your items and print tags for the sale. If you have questions after watching this please contact me and I will be happy to help you!


Price competitively! Prices can vary greatly depending on condition, brand and style. There are many factors to consider to determine what to ask for your items: condition, original price, brand name of item and if it has original tags.  Please remember this is only a pricing guide.

Half Price Day 

On the final day of the sale, if your item hasn’t sold at full price, you have the opportunity to mark it to half price. Select which items you’d like to offer at half price when using our tagging software. Items you do not wish to offer at half price will remain at full price the entire time.

Items marked for donation will also automatically be marked discountable on 50% off day.  This gives your items a better chance of being sold before donating them.

We highly recommend offering items at half price because shoppers are looking for deeply discounted bargains on the final day of the sale. You took the time to get the items OUT of the house… do you really want to bring them back home if they don’t sell? Also, if you are going to be donating unsold items at the end to local charities, please mark them at half price for the final day as they tend to sell.

Hanging your items

Clothing should be hung on hangers with the hook facing LEFT (like a ?).

This is to ensure that buyers can easily look through the racks and see all the clothing facing them. All items need to be pinned to the hanger to help ensure your item doesn’t slip off the hanger. Attach your printed tags with safety pins.

Start saving and hoarding those hangers today!  Ask friends or family to save hangers and give you the hangers with your kids gifts, ask at local stores or dry cleaners if they have any to spare.  Typically you can get them free or very cheap from a dry cleaner.  The best place to buy hangers would either be Goodwill or Dollar Stores where they are 10+/$1. We accept any kind of hanger, although wire is best because it is easier to pin to.

  • Two piece outfits/sets. Pin outfits securely together by hanging the shirt on the hanger first, then flip the hanger around and pin the second item “back to back”. Don’t attach bottoms inside the shirt; this will hinder the buyer’s ability to clearly see the items. Pin the waistband of the pants or skirt to the shoulders of the shirt. Make sure to catch the hanger with the safety pin to let the hanger carry the weight of the bottoms. Pinning to the back or bottom of the shirt can cause clothing to tear. Pinning outfits/sets like this allows for both pieces to be easily seen, protects the garments and ensures that the outfit/set does not get separated. (See Photo Below for correct placement).
  • Pants, skirts, & bottoms must be securely pinned to the top of the hanger (not the bottom piece). DO NOT fold pants over the bottom of the hanger. (See Photo Below for correct placement)

This is the BACK view of the outfit so that is why the hanger is pointed toward the right. Notice that the pants are “facing out” so that the buyer can see them.The pants are securely attached with safety pins to the TOP SLOPING BARS of the hanger rather than through the shirt (which places too much weight on the shirt fabric and causes stretch and holes). Also notice that all the pieces to this outfit are hung on ONE hanger.


Price Tags are produced on the CONSIGNOR HOME PAGE under “Work with Consigned Inventory” link. You will print and attach your tags using safety pins ONLY! 
We DO NOT ALLOW the use of tagging guns or straight pins. Items dropped off using either of these will be rejected. Tagging guns can leave damage in clothing and straight pins can stab the fingers of our shoppers and our team members. 

No tag guns allowed at our sale. They cause damage to the fabric. Example seen here.

Be specific on your tag and don’t go over the allotted character space. If the tag comes off your item, it will be easy to find with the best description you can provide to re-tag and put back on the floor.

If you need to make a change to the tag, they need to be made on the computer and reprinted.  (You CAN write on the side of the tag important info if needed such as all pieces included, all stain free, etc.)

*Please go ahead and tape or attach tags to the large items before drop off. We do not have a special way of attaching for our sale.

DESCRIPTIONS to each selection when entering your Inventory to create a Tag:

Category:  Please do your best to choose the correct category and description. (Ex: Books, accessories, boys clothing, girls clothing, shoes, strollers, etc…)

Size: Make sure you choose the correct size. If you have a 6 month outfit, choose size “6 month” and not just “6”. Also, when you are tagging shoes, make sure you choose the shoe category and not clothing. If it is a half size, please choose that exact size in our system. This helps shoppers check thru sizes quickly and also makes it easy for us to organize.

Description: This is where you need to include important information such as Brand (Ex: Carters, Gymboree, etc…),  color and item information (Ex: Brown dress with horse print). Please be as specific as possible.

Pricing: You choose your prices!  Increase by increments of .50 cents. Price competitively. The more you sell the more you make and the less you have to take back home!

DISCOUNT:  Check this box if you want to sell it for 1/2 price on the last sale day. On the final day, shoppers look specifically for items marked half off. This is typically a busy day with lots of sales.

DONATE:  Check this box to donate your item if UNSOLD at the end of the sale.  This will also automatically mark your donate items 50% off on the last day to give you a better chance of selling the items before donation. We will remove your “donate” item(s) and give to local charities for families and children in desperate need after the sale.

Items missing tags will NOT be sold and placed in Lost & Found (hoping the tag will be found). You have a chance to claim on Sunday during pick up; otherwise after 4pm it will be placed in donations to be given to those in need. 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.  I am happy to help you!