What We Accept


We accept in season, up-to-date, current style clothing items. Spring/Summer items only for the Spring sale and Fall/Winter clothing for the Fall sale.  That rule applies to sizes newborn through adult and maternity clothing and shoes.

When preparing your items, remember that the better your items look the more likely they are to sell and the more money you will get for them. Thoroughly inspect the items you are including in the sale. Make sure they are in gently used condition, stain free, smoke free and free from damage and excessive wear. If you wouldn’t buy it, don’t sell it! 

  • Limit of 200 total items per consignor/per household allowed. 
  • We have NO LIMITS on the # of shoes or infant clothing you can bring, but we do suggest you price competitively because we get A LOT of both and this will help your item sell better!
  • ****Clothing sizes accepted are Preemie-adult xl****  men’s & women’s size clothes will be accepted but must be current style and name brands teens would wear.  PLEASE ENTER THESE SIZES UNDER THE “JUNIOR”CATEGORY WHEN MAKING TAGS. 
  • We do inspect clothes and shoes before placing them out to be sold. Accepted items cannot be stained, soiled, faded, pilled, torn, have holes, missing buttons or snaps, broken zippers or clothing that has unpleasant odors. Freshly launder all garments removing all stains. Zip all zippers, fasten and snap all snaps. Replace missing buttons and button all items. 
  • Please do not mix sizes together on hangerseverything on that one hanger needs to be the same size category.
  • If Children’s clothing is marked as “Small”, “Medium”, “Large”, etc then please put a numerical size to what it fits. (for example: Tag says size small = fits like a size 5, so put 5 in the size category). However, maternity clothing and adult/teen clothing can be sized according to the tag on the item.
  • Place all small accessories to be sold with the outfit (hair accessory, belts, socks and tights) in a Ziploc bag and secure with packaging tape. Including these items with the outfit will allow you to increase the selling price.
  • Loose items like socks, small accessories, hair bow lots and small toys should be placed inside a Ziploc bag, taped securely shut with the tag taped on the outside of the bag.
    Maternity items
    Maternity Items accepted include seasonal clothing, belly bands, nursing wear, pregnancy support belts, pregnancy support pillows, excellent condition/gently used nursing bras, and more. Maternity items can be sized however their tag reads.  Small, Medium, Large, etc is acceptable in the size category when entering in the description in the software.


  • Cloth diapers and inserts will be accepted. If sold as “lots” please place inside a large Ziploc bag, tape well to secure, and tape tag to the bag. Please don’t include anything with staining or smells. Launder and strip the diapers and inserts.
  • Basic diapers or overnight diapers are accepted. If it’s an unopened pack just make a tag (consider pricing a little less than the store price though) and tape it to it.  If the pack has been opened and a couple missing, please tape it up and say on the tag how many are included. If you no longer have the original bag, putting the diapers in a large Ziploc style bag and taping it would work great too. Please include size and how many are included in the bag so the shoppers know. 


Spring/Summer Sale – light jackets, shorts, capris, tanks, tee shirts, spring/summer type dresses, flip flops, tennis shoes, 4th of July outfits, accessories, rain coats and boots, umbrellas, soccer supplies, sports gear, hunting wear, bathing suits and covers, lighter weight windbreaker pants and athletic pants, jeans, etc.

Fall/Winter Sale – backpacks for back to school, heavy coats and snow suits, snow boots, Holiday outfits and accessories (Christmas, Valentine’s day, Thanksgiving, etc), sports gear, long sleeved shirts, long sleeve dresses, sweater dresses, sweatshirts, hunting wear, Halloween costumes, jeans, etc.


There is NO LIMIT on how many shoes you can bring, just please bring your best and price to sell because we get HUNDREDS!

We accept shoes in excellent condition for infant thru adult.
Sizes 0 (Newborn) – Men’s size 12 will be accepted, this also includes sports cleats. Some pre-teens/teens have large feet so I’m happy to accept these sizes hoping they, too, can find great shoes for school, sports, etc.

  • Shoes need to be attached to each other. The most secure way to do this is with small zip ties. Then safety pin the tag to the shoe if possible.
  • Shoes that can’t be zip tied, or tag easily attached can easily be placed in Ziploc bags. Be sure to tape the bag securely closed to prevent them from being removed from the bags. Attach the tag to the bottom of the bag with tape. Try not to tape over barcodes.
  • Shoes have a tendency to become separated from their tags so proper care in tagging is very important.
  • No shoe boxes will be allowed.

We recommend also placing a small piece of masking tape with the consignor # on it attached to the sole or insole of shoes, this will help us identify who it belongs to if they become separated during the sale or lose their tag.



Baby equipment such as infant carriers, slings, strollers, jogging strollers, high chairs, bouncers, swings, gates, exersaucers, jumpers, monitors, pack-n-plays, walkers, baby bathtubs and much more. Consignors are required to assemble any items at drop-off if necessary.

Diaper Pails and potty seats will be accepted, but MUST be sanitized thoroughly and will be checked during inspection for cleanliness.

Bumbo seats do need to have the safety belt attached. If yours is part of the recall and does not have the belt, they can be ordered FREE from Bumbo’s manufacturer and easily attached before the sale.



We accept car seats, booster seats and travel systems that are clean, have been gently used, that are NOT expired, and have NOT been recalled.
The Car Seat Checklist Waiver form can be found below. Please print, fill out and attach to your seat with safety pin. (Completed Checklist/Waiver MUST be presented at time of Car Seat Drop Off. If not one will be provided for you to fill out.)  You do NOT have to print out the manuals for your car seats.

  • Car seats that are older than 5 years or expire within 6 mo. of sale are not accepted.  
    The expiration date should be found on your car seat. 
  • Has your car seat been recalled? Check here: http://www.carseat.org/Recalls/179NP.pdf


Keeping our kids safe is very important to us all. Consignors, check your items using the recall list at http://CPSC.gov or an excellent recall and product safety website http://wemakeitsafer.com 


Infant and Children’s furniture such as bassinets, changing tables, dressers, toddler beds, gliders, kids small book shelves, kids size recliners, train tables, toddler table and chairs etc. Consignors are required to assemble any items at drop-off, if necessary. Cribs manufactured after July 2011 will be accepted but must not be recalled. Please use our recall tab to check the make and model of your crib for any recalls prior to drop off day. NO DROP-SIDE CRIBS ALLOWEDCribs manufactured prior to July, 2011 are NOT accepted.

Infant and Children’s room décor such as lamps (please make sure they work before drop off), clean decorative pillows, clean, stain-free rugs, kids/teen curtains (please include curtain size on tag), mobiles, toy boxes and organizers, rocking horses, wall art, etc.

Toddler & twin sized bedding only, including crib bedding. Toddler bed/Crib mattresses will be accepted ONLY (no twin size, etc). How to display bedding for resale: Bedding can be placed in its original clear bedding package, could be tied up together tightly with ribbon and safety pins, or dollar general sells large clear Ziploc style bags for around $1 that you can use. Other ways are welcome, but it’s important for shoppers to be able to view what they are buying easily. 


Children’s toys are a HOT seller and among the first items to be sold. They must be clean. It is best to clean in all crevices, launder (and reattach) any and all fabric, and remove any scuffing, debris, marking, stickers etc. All toys must be in working order and include all working parts. ALL battery operated toys must have batteries and will be tested to see that they are in working order. The items will sell faster and for more money if the seller can see exactly how the item works.  

  • Smaller and infant toys should be sold in Ziploc Bags to keep them together. Tape the tag to the outside of the bag.
  • All items with multiple pieces must be secured, all pieces be tapped and fully assembled.
  • All puzzles Including wooden board puzzles, board games etc. must include all pieces. Please Tape boxes closed and tape price tag securely to the box.
  • DVD’s, Games, and CD’s.
  Must be in working condition free of scratches. Must be Original not Pirated. Please include original cases as well so the buyer can know what they are buying and look at the content of the item. Tape all tags to the back side of the DVD/Videos/Games so the front is visible. Preferably PG-13 or under.
  • Game systems must be in working order. Please check to make sure everything works correctly. If you wouldn’t buy it, don’t sell it! If you are selling with games, controllers, etc. please package all together in a large Ziploc bag or similar and tape to secure.
    • Books. Must be in gently used and excellent condition. All pages must be intact, with no earmarks, folded pages, writing or damage of any sort. Tags are best taped to the backside of the books. Shipping tape can tear books covers so keep that in mind before you tag. It’s best to use painters tape if attaching directly to a book, but any book that might be damaged by a tag should be securely placed in a Ziploc bag with the tag taped to the outside.  Book sets should also be securely packaged in a Ziploc bag so they are sold all together. 
      See book damage from tag being taped to front with long piece of tape.
  • Stuffed animals will be accepted. We prefer ones that “do” something, but will also accept stuffed animals. Smaller ones sell better grouped in a lot. They can be placed in a large 1.5+ gallon sized bag or similar with zipper taped well to keep them together. Regular stuffed animals are 50¢ ea at most thrift stores so keep that in mind when pricing.

Home school Materials/Books If there is any missing pages or writing done on consumable books please make a note of it either on tag or on index card attached to the bag with the books inside to let our shoppers know.



    • We accept bottles in new or great used condition that includes all pieces. These sell better when bundled as a set rather than individually. It’s also helpful to sell like brands together if you do bundle them. 
    • New or great used condition sippy cups, toddler plate sets, toddler utensils, etc. are accepted.
    • We do NOT accept breast pumps or used pacifiers. No exceptions.

If you still have instructions or manuals to go with any of your items, please enclose them or place in a Ziploc and attach them.

Please feel free to message me with any questions you may have at Misty@readysetgrowkids.com

 I am always happy to help!