Bring a rolling laundry basket or small wagon to load up on all the good deals you will find. These make great carts so you have your hands free to shop and save.

While shopping, make sure to check a size up or down. Depending on brands, they can run a little big or small.

While sorting items to consign, if you notice a “water mark or grease spot” try using a little dawn on it. Then wash as usual. This small effort will help put a few more dollars in your pocket if the item sells.

It can be helpful to bring a list of items you need to shop for or an outline of your child’s foot in order to size shoes accordingly.

Appearance of your items will greatly help them sell. Fresh laundering, ironing and added stitches to anything loose will help tremendously. A little time with a Magic Eraser will make some items look as good as new.

Please make sure toys have all the pieces. Anything battery operated will need to have batteries and be in working order for the inspection process. Often times you can get new batteries for only $1.

Clothing under size 10 sells best when hung as outfits.